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Roller Door Repairs Brisbane

Far too many businesses spend thousands of dollars on installing high-quality roller doors and think that is all they have to do, the doors will just look after themselves, that is until the doors cease to operate as intended or worse. The cost of Roller door installation marks a significant investment for any business. Because of this, some simple steps should be taken to either repair them or just keep them maintained regularly. The easiest way to prevent having to either replace or expensively repair roller door is to arrange for a professional in the Brisbane area to come and service them on an annual basis or greater depending on volume of use. Let me explain why….



As with any business the health and safety of your clients, customers, and staff is always high on your list of priorities. Most companies will go out of their way to ensure everyone is safe while on their premises. Your roller doors are possibly the largest and heaviest moving part on your premises; some can weigh 100s of KGs depending on their size. Even a smaller one can be nearly 100kgs in weight. This information should be enough to remind you that getting them professionally checked annually is a good idea.



Your roller door is usually one of your business’s first lines of security. Ensuring this is properly maintained is essential for this very reason. Especially if it guards expensive equipment, a broken or poorly maintained door will not provide much of a barrier for an experienced intruder.


Cost effective

Getting your roller doors inspected annually will inevitably help you avoid more expensive repairs further down the road. Our team of technicians will quickly spot any potentially costly issues. One of the significant problems that we encounter on panel lift doors is that the hinges have not been adequately maintained. As a consequence, the lack of lubricant has caused significant and extensive damage to the door. Leading to an expensive and easily avoidable bill.


Retain full functionality

Doors that feature automatic openers need to be regularly serviced. Lifting one of these doors when they fail is not something that you want to do, trust me. Many doors are replaced unnecessarily because they stop working. Simply servicing them regularly keeps the springs tense, and the rest of the mechanism lubricated. This will mean your doors will remain operating quietly and smoothly for years to come. Not having everyone’s head turn as your door squeaks open is a bonus


Putting it simply your industrial roller doors are like cars; they need a regular service to keep them in optimum running condition. If you are a business in the Brisbane area, who needs to have your industrial roller doors either maintained or repaired, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will arrange a site inspection during which one of our technicians will inspect your doors and offer recommendations on their condition and the best course of action moving forward.