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Preventative Maintenance
Door Inspection & Reporting

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Preventative Maintenance
It’s your obligation to provide and maintain a safe building environment for both staff and the public. We can help you do just that PLUS extend the life of your assets by tailoring a service agreement based on your actual usage. This can range from monthly to yearly servicing, which extends the life of your assets and save you time and money on costly delays and prematurely replacing assets.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Extends the life of your assets—saving time and money in delays
  • Reduces risk of harm to your staff and the public
  • Provides long-term savings—we strive to service and maintain existing assets unless OH&S deems it unsafe or it’s beyond economic repair
  • Risk management reporting can be done for you quickly and easily through us
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Inspection & reporting
We can carry out a site inspection of all your door installations and provide you with a written report on the overall condition of each asset. A lot of our customers find this service very beneficial as they are not always based at their buildings and find it difficult to ensure the facility is safe and fit for purpose, sometimes only finding out about a problem door after it has injured a person. This reporting can also assist in asset life cycle planning. Other type of Inspections and reporting we offer is Fire Rated Door Inspections and Reporting as per Australian Standard 1851-2012 and QDC 6.1.


Door Specialists

  • Get problems identified early before they injure a person or property
  • Find out the condition of your assets for future budgeting requirements
  • Get accurate reporting for life cycle planning
  • Identify potential security risk, eg. doors not latching securely closed
  • Fire Rated Door Inspections and Reporting completed to Australian Standard 1851-2012 and QDC 6.1
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Preventive Maintenance

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